Monday, December 7, 2009

Honduras Elections Exposed

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The real journalist who made this had this to say to his friends:

"I would love to say that this was some great piece of journalistic effort, but the evidence was sitting right out in the open for anyone to see, the fact that I'm the one to put it out there has less to do with any skills or effort of mine, and more to do with exactly how detached most journalists are from the people and issues that they cover. Hardly anyone writing about Honduras came here last week with intentions to do anything more than just cover another election and report the 'official' data, candidate statements, and tidbits from the international diplomacy circus. The despicable coverage of the situation in Honduras from all the mainstream sources stands as a testament to their disillusionment from reality, and another reason why I get giddy with excitement every time I see another one of them near the cliff of impending bankruptcy."

- Jesse Freeston

Honduras: An election validated by blood and repression

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l87 said...

I really dont understand what the news is all about in Honduras.... what is going on? What do YOU think is going on???