Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Too many people are asking me to give my opinion about this, as a scientist, so here goes.

5G electromagnetic frequencies and the 5G emission technology themselves do NOT constitute "evil technology" that can be used, as deployed, to depopulate the world, or make you sick, or affect your psychological state, or make you more vulnerable to infections, etc.

That is crazy shit, polluting your minds if it resonates with you; as in this example of gibberish, here, by David Icke:

Higher frequencies (100 GHz rather than the usual 1 GHz, say) would be deployed in order to reduce the transmission time of information. Such higher frequencies will present a whole new set of practical difficulties, and there could be mild negative environmental consequences, and negative urban planning consequences, but human health cannot directly be affected.

Much more importantly, the 5G overhaul will be exploited to change the architecture of the internet, to the advantage of the corporate-CIA-financier-etc complex. Civil rights are dramatically threatened, which is a totalitarian trend, having virtually no democratic oversight. Western elected governments, more and more, are just managers of this trend.

All frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum cause damage if irradiated at a sufficiently large intensity, or power per unit irradiated area. That is neither here nor there. Some frequencies resonate with specific entities and thus cause targeted effects. All true, but not relevant to human health in this application.

There will be surprises ("challenges") in the broad application of 5G, but human medical health will not be one, except via car accidents and such indirect means.

Your body and mind will not be invaded by the 5G radiation itself.

Your mind is being attacked, as usual, by all the methods of censorship and propaganda, enhanced by the technology of the social-media environment, not to mention institutionalized "education".

So please stop. Reset. Try to overcome your gullibility, and develop discernment.

>>>> update:

Here is a good snapshot of the current scientific literature on the topic, which corroborates my position (you can do an advanced-search on Google-Scholar to find these):

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Denis Rancourt said...

Here is the best counter-view argument:


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October 17, 2019

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