Tuesday, February 8, 2011

North American Pig Culture - A few good apples?

Can there even be a question of whether or not this is systemic? (See video!)

Canadian cops in Ottawa are at least as bad: LINK.

The best the establishment can argue is that there may be "a few good apples" but this needs to be demonstrated since virtually no officers ever intervene to stop or report this type of criminal police assault.

In this case, five officers were involved. In order for this to have occurred by chance with a 50% probability, that five (assumed professionally independent) cops would participate and condone this criminal assault, the percentage of bad cops has to be 87%. [(0.87)^5 = 0.5]

A few bad apples my ass. Add the federal judge's behaviour in trying to cover it up and in not finding evidence for criminal assaults. Now imagine the jail time if a cop were assaulted in this way... Or a white business man...


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It's strange what want for power will do.

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Look at this one,

That's why I hate cops