Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dear honourable Sayyid Ali Khamenei

Dear honourable Sayyid Ali Khamenei:

Although I am not young in years, I read your November 29, 2015, letter to Western youth (in English, en français) with great interest and fascination. The letter excited both my intellect and my heart.

Iran is truly blessed to have a servant such as you. In Canada, we have only disingenuous and self-interested petty politicians who vie for corporate and USA favour, and who speak in platitudes for the national media.

I really appreciated your deep analysis of the psychological and geopolitical roots of global terrorism. I believe that your explanation is fundamentally correct, and I am amazed at your communication of this truth.

I hope that Western youth will study and critique your letter, and, as you, I hope that it will help to catalyze a much needed awakening of the Western heart and mind.

In thankful admiration,

Denis Rancourt
(Former university professor)

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