Sunday, January 17, 2016

AT list of remarkable POLITICIANS

These  politicians stand for justice, in the face of a majority of their colleagues who stand for self-interest, exploitation, plunder, occupation, apartheid, war, and genocide...



Clare Daly, Ireland (video)

Eren Erdem, Turkey (video)

George Galloway, UK (video)

Larry Holmes, USA (video)

Laurent Louis, Belgium (video)

Malalai Joya, Afghanistan (video

Ralph Nader, USA (video)

Richard Boyd Barrett, Ireland (video)

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe (video)

From the recent past:

Joe Hill, USA (video)

Nelson Mandela, South Africa (video)

Robert F. Williams, USA (video)

Steve Biko, South Africa (video)

Tommy Douglas, Canada (video)

Voltairine de Cleyre, USA (quotes)

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Love Letters Journal said...

Mr Rancourt, until this point I had admired your courage as one of the few leftists willing to put their professional reputations and livelihoods on the line in the struggle against the society of the spectacle and its unending barrage of cant and unanswerable lies.

But this post has led me to seriously doubt the credibility of your positions.

As a poor black South African, I can tell you right now that your description of Mandela as a remarkable politician who stands for justice would be met with snorts of derision and disgust among my fellows.

As someone who has friends in Zimbabwe and has actually spent time there interacting with ordinary people, I can tell you the reactions over there to your assertions regarding Mugabe would be much worse.

As an enemy of the state and capital, I can tell you that your support for supposedly admirable politicians and their filthy rackets is nonsensical and an insult to our comrades from the past with whom you identify them, such as Joe Hill.

Everything I have known from you has confirmed the authenticity of your anti-authoritarian perspectives, but I know that people change. Victor Serge went from a friend of the Bonnot Gang to a friend of Trotsky and Lenin. But he never claimed to be both at the same time. If this post is an indication that you have abandoned the perspective of ANTI-POLITICAL working-class struggle, it would be better to say so outright. Those of us who have not yet converted to the gospel of statism, and once counted you as a comrade, would appreciate knowing where you stand.

As a an aside, much information on the absurdity of your claims regarding admirable politicians in my part of the world can be found in the texts of my comrades and I at &

I trust that we can be frank with one another in these matters and that no offence will be taken when none has been given.

Comradely regards,

Siddiq Khan