Monday, May 22, 2017


Trump is turning out to be a dangerous clown, one that has been a gift for climate and political-correctness critics, but a dangerous clown nonetheless.

The USA is truly frightening, no matter which clown it puts in the window. But the shift towards a more loving USA embrace of Saudi and Israel may well be a preparation for war against Iran, under the pretext of fighting terrorism. Meanwhile, ISIS is a USA creation funded by Saudi, aided by Israel, fought by Iran!

Israel wants a coalition war against Iran more than anything, and Clinton had promised it. Trump was elected to make American great at home... Now he may go along with the most murderous plan of all?

The prospect of war with Iran under Trump, is not just more clowning. It is the most horrific "next step" imaginable. Trump can't show that box of candy and then simply put it away on a high shelf without a real political fight. There is no evidence that Trump could mount or win such a political fight against the deep state and Israeli influence.

A war with Iran would be Trump's legacy of maniacal criminality. If he is using that prospect to leverage the creation of a Palestinian pseudo-state, then he is truly a nutcase. God help us.

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