Tuesday, November 12, 2019

LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS are now institutionalized, and that is no accident

By Denis Rancourt

I hate those prayer-like public land acknowledgements because they are pure virtue signaling and intended to push a religion of historical interpretation (guardians of nature itself, etc.), and of response to the said interpretation. They are institutionalized social engineering.

I have no problem acknowledging that the State perpetrated on on-going genocide against aboriginal peoples in Canada, and that this is Canada's major foundational and active mass war crime, but those acknowledgements are an intrinsic part of the cover-up, IMO, and to me the words are like the scratching-on-the-blackboard sound of my institutional school days.

"Acknowledgement" is not a first step towards change. On the contrary, "acknowledgement" puts one at easy and asleep. "Acknowledgement" is the peace of complacency, not the anger of motivation. "Acknowledgement" is a false care that nurtures and preserves victimhood, not a cry of a warrior for justice.

Public land acknowledgements are now spoken by paternalistic or motherly institutional guardians of the nurturing State, including its many collaborators. The acknowledgements are State propaganda, being fully integrated into the State educational system.

When Israel starts doing it, we will know that its genocide is complete and irreversible.

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