Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Latest results on coronavirus - Lancet March-30th - Everybody calm down

Latest research findings,
30 March 2020,
33 authors


In plain words:

1. Everybody calm down.

2. The infection-fatality-ratio is small (as also reported by several other researchers), typical of seasonal-flu values.

3. The kids and youth are safe. This pathogen virtually kills only old people, having pre-existing health issues (hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer).


The infection-fatality-rate is small (even probably overestimated in this study). This means that virtually everyone develops immunity and recovers.

Only the small percentage who do not, will die, and research-doctors have explained that many of these cases cannot be saved by any modern intervention (although the Didier-Raoult treatment, and Chinese intra-venous-vitamin protocols are promissing).

This all, in turn, implies that the solution is to stay home and recover, which is what the EU-WHO says, not lockdowns.

Demand that you be allowed to walk outside and go places, if you have no symptoms.

Most seasonal flu are highly infectious (as in: "have you had it yet?") and have small infection-fatality-rates, as is the case here.

Caution: Mass testing/screening and enthusiastic sending to clinics and hospitals are activities that amplify transmission, and increase risk of co-infections.

The solution is the same as always: If you have symptoms, stay home, rest, recover.

This virus became apparent in patients with pre-existing pneumonia or susceptibility to pneumonia, but that is often the case: many chronically ill patient are constantly fighting off pneumonia.

Plus, the important point that the very presence of the particular coronarivus is probably being over-evaluated (false-positives), means that perceptions are highly distorted.

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