Friday, January 15, 2010

De-grading story of a TA at York University

A few brave mortals here and there once in a while stand up to bell-curve hegemony.

Here (below) is a blog post about TA (teacher assistant) Tasia Alexopoulos' battle with a feminism theory (emphasis on theory) professor at York University, Toronto, Canada.

A+ to STEEL BANANAS, A+ to author and researcher Devon Wong, and A+ to Tasia Alexopoulos and to all the Greek Gods! I'm just in such a mood to attribute A+ grades - I miss it...

The Bitter Ranting of An Armchair Theorist #3: Kissing Ass 101

Make my day.

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Anonymous said...

lol. get real. TA's at York are brats. Some are psycho... violent... mostly lazy. They are unionized... can ONLY work set hours (any more is too much by union standards). Too funny. I wouldn't hire anyone from's a mess