Wednesday, March 17, 2010

911 Truth

Too many left intellectuals and progressive types have ridiculed or avoided the 911 Truth Movement so now I must embed this video.

Too many left analysts have used 911 to support their favorite theories about US foreign policy and blowback and the like and to support their wistful hopes that backlash might slow the Empire's killing machine and so on so now I am compelled to embed this video.

As a physicist and as an independent thinker I don't yet believe that the two main towers collapsed from traditional demolition, mainly because I don't know enough about the demolition of buildings. Also because the above-impact sections of the collapsing towers fall onto the lower sections which remain unaccelerated until impacted by the falling sections. Overall, however, the type of demolition is a minor point.

The fact that Building-7 was "pulled" on the other hand is enormous. You don't setup an operation like that in a few hours and it's NOT the fire department that does it!

And you need a damn good cover before you can just "pull" a 47-story building in the middle of New York... That, in turn, suggests you don't want them terrorist Cessna pilots to miss the target or be overtaken by the passengers...

And those photos of the extra appendages on the planes are rather compelling.

The Pentagon story of the mega jet in the small hole with no Pentagon video worth anything to be had is ludicrous. The engines are the only real projectiles on a jet plane - I learned that as a graduate student talking with nuclear accident simulation experts.

The Military-Industrial-Financial-Congressional complex has a lot of glue, a lot of blind spots, and plenty of motive. It doesn't investigate itself and it owns everybody with any influence. Taadaaa.

But I don't think that Truth as information alone can change anything. If everyone joined the 911 Truth Movement it would not change anything. Power has power. It holds us via our connection to the economy. You have to fight it at work and at school, not by evening and weekend truth seeking and truth telling. More democracy and transparency at work makes the whole system more democratic. And the fight makes you know and makes you strong. Truth is not in information. It's in what you are from not belonging to someone else. Information never changed anything. You don't act because you have information. You act when you've had enough of not being allowed to make your life.

That's my two cents, one cent per tower.


L R said...

i dont think the 911 truth movement or 911 sceptics are about proving only that it may have been due to planned demolition - i think it should be more about the CIA and administration who could have prevented this since there was documents they recieved prior to this attack that suggested it would happen. its frieghtening that there was no emergency evacuation plan or not even parachutes for people in the 100th floors. they were literally trapped, unfortunately. also, the phone calls of those trapped suggest that they were told to remain in the building and that help would arrive - if they were told to find a stairs and leave, i think some would have survived. either way, the WTC had been attacked before 911 and there was NO new or better emergency or prevention plans. also, its naive to think that the administration did not know the threats of this - during the entire Taliban regime - Afghanistan was used as a base to attack America. America just ignored the threats - for what reason, thats what important to find out.

the_last_name_left said...

on WTC7 -

we have plenty of testimony from experienced fire-professionals and others that they suspected WTC7 would collapse. Specifically they refer to

-fully involved and unfought fires
-significant damage from earlier collapses
-engineers transits on the building showed it was moving.

If we dismiss the reports as lies then we are expanding the scope of conspiracy enormously.

OTOH, accepting the testimony from firemen on the ground - are we to believe the conspiracy faked the phenomena that led professionals to conclude the building was at risk of collapse? Or was that phenomena real? There seems only one reasonable conclusion - the firemen were convinced the building would collapse based on their perception of genuine phenomena.

I'm shocked you think Silverstein's "pull it" comment is worth anything.

Steven Augustine said...

"But I don't think that Truth as information alone can change anything."

Disagree with you strongly here, Denis. The name of the game is Public Opinion; it is the most valuable/ expensive commodity on Earth. Money and Hierarchy only exist as they do (until the technology comes along to put a city-killing death ray button in the hands of a lone Caesar) because The Masses consent to it; because the Masses play along. Money and Hierarchy are Social Games and have no objective or fundamentally stable reality; when the centurions and the tank-makers, et al, have a cataclysmic change of heart, only hierarchy-obliterating anarchy can ensue. Which is why preventing such a perceptual contagion is a task so endless/ all-encompassing (covering all forms of "education", "socialization" and "entertainment") that we don't even notice it.

The Truth is dangerous to the extent that it serves to alienate increasing numbers of The Masses from the fantasy of a protective Government. The essential selfishness of the electorate ("all of this is being done for my sake, after all!") guarantees Zero anti-War or anti-Imperialism movements as long as the illusion holds. Much "Activism" serves to strengthen the illusion by appearing to posit the dilemma as essentially ethical. It isn't!

Parable: your parents are powerful, and famously ruthless, Mafiosi. You and your siblings turn a blind eye to intimations of corruption and murder because they are your "parents" who "do what they do to feed, clothe and house" you... and your life is not bad at all. Then one day you overhear your parents referring to you and your siblings as worthless scum; you discover they're slowly poisoning you; they've only kept you around as long as they have as tax write-offs! Laugh.

That's when things change.

Anonymous said...

This is a new documentary. Quite an impressive array of engineers, architects etc, stating a lot of things that make a lot of sense. None of them look or sound insane. On the contrary.

Experts Speak Out, Full-length: