Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Exposing the banksters: The Bill Black mystery...?

The Real News Network's coverage of climategate was pathetic (readers of the present blog know our views on climategate - we told you so... LINK-1, LINK-2). However, the Network's reports on Latin America and on the Israel-Palestine conflict are often outstanding (HERE and HERE).

And generally, The Real News Network's coverage/commentary about economic questions is lost in left theory and not exactly bold. But recently, the Network has featured star analyst and renown whistleblower William K. Black and that just makes up for so much mush...

And at least three more video interviews like this that must be watched: PART-2, PART-3, PART-4. Black is brilliant in speaking truth to whoever will listen - and its a big truth.

And the mystery is: Why hasn't Bill Black been killed?

Here is my proposed answer and an alternative answer.

Because (1) he's not having any real impact on public opinion, thanks to media blackout; (2) he's nonetheless known and in the public eye, as an accomplished author and commentator; (3) looks bad when you start killing university professors; and (4) if you go after him viciously it could backfire and further expose those that want him dead.

Savings and Loan scandal top bankster Charles Keating sent a memo in 1987 "If you can't get Wright and Congress to get Black - kill him dead - ..." LINK.

Alternatively, they did kill Black dead: He's now just a small town university professor. Probably grades his students fairly. Far away from any government regulatory agency where he would be desperately needed...

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