Thursday, April 17, 2014

Defamation law must be abolished -- Join the effort to abolish defamation law

Defamation law can't be fixed. It is the only common law tort (cause of action) that presumes guilt. It is a legal abomination, a persistent residue from Star-Chamber England.

Other torts are enough. This one must go.

Read this report published by the Ontario Civil Liberties Association:

OCLA position paper on Bill 83 – The tort of defamation must be abolished in Ontario

Listen to this radio interview on The Corbett Report:

Interview 862 – Denis Rancourt Dissects the Tort of Defamation

Public pressure and civil society can cause governments to legislate this abhorrent stain out of the courtrooms of free and democratic nations.

For a start, join OCLA, and join the OCLA Facebook group and follow OCLA on Twitter.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok said...

Thanks for this. I've consolidated a few other points here: Would appreciate your comments to simplify and improve the argument.