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The needed role of intellectuals in the resistance to stop the Israel genocide

Dieudonné M'bala M'bala

By Denis G. Rancourt

What do Norman Finkelstein, Dieudonné M'bala M'bala, and George Galloway have in common?

All three are Western intellectuals (true intellectuals, not service intellectuals [1]) who attack the Israel Lobby with the viciousness necessary to be effective. And all three have been subjected to significant establishment backlash for their dissidence, which is proof of their effectiveness.

In the Western World that is aligned with the US Empire, there is a war of expressed ideas for the minds and souls of citizens. More than that, there is a regiment of imposed discipline for all politicians. For example, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney exposed some of the physical mechanisms of the direct control of US politicians by the Israel Lobby [2]. The issues are real and the stakes are high.

The context that makes Israel relevant is that of a US Empire run on brute force and pillaging, in as many arenas as possible, where the financial and corporate instruments of exploitation are imposed through the threat and regular actuation of military intervention.

Israel serves as the Empire's professional thug in the Middle East -- to constantly prevent the unification and emancipation of the Arab World in the key geopolitical nexus that is the Middle East. To accomplish this, Muslims must be murdered systematically and strategically, constantly.

The Israel lobby has the essential task of making these murders and the Israel genocide against Palestine acceptable at home -- by generating Islamophobia using the false specters of home terrorism, nuclear threat, etc., but also by crushing any media, intellectuals, and politicians that might dare to oppose the normalization of the Empire's predatory waring in the Middle East.

The Israel Lobby has developed a niche-expertize to constrain the Western intelligentsia away from criticism of the Empire's policy in the Middle East [3], and it has a holocaust that can be used anytime to levy compliance [4]. The international Israel lobby -- which radiates from the US Israel lobby base -- has this symbiotic relation to the Empire, and The Lobby is installed wherever it is needed [5].

The Zionists want an always bigger and more powerful Israel, that it obtains by practicing genocide against the Palestinians [6]. Israel is allowed its genocide in exchange for being the Empire's top thug, and trainer of thugs. The Israel Lobby constantly works to normalize the needed Israel genocide (calculated as needed to secure the mass murderer against the family of its victims), and to normalize the Empire's Middle East policy of control by constant destruction to prevent unification and independence.

The relation between the Israel Lobby and the US Empire is symbiotic [5]. They are intimately linked and benefit each other. Thus, weakening one weakens both.

Western intellectuals (academics, politicians, media) are not on the front in Palestine. They are on the front in their home countries. The best that Western intellectuals can do for themselves, for their brothers and sisters, and for the resistance against Israel's genocide is to discredit and weaken the Israel Lobby and those that -- out of cowardice, careerism, and chosen ignorance -- follow the inhuman dictates of The Lobby.

"Zionism" -- now that it has amply shown its true and constant character -- must become as unacceptable in the Western World (including to politicians!) as "Nazism". That is the humanistic environment that must be created if the West is going to play any real role in the resistance to stop the Israel genocide.

Israel can live and thrive, just as Germany lives and thrives, but Zionism must die for Palestinians to survive.


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Dr. Denis G. Rancourt is a former tenured and Full Professor of physics at the University of Ottawa, Canada. He is known for his applications of physics education research (TVO Interview). He has published over 100 articles in leading scientific journals, and has written several social commentary essays. He is the author of the book Hierarchy and Free Expression in the Fight Against Racism. While he was at the University of Ottawa, he supported student activism and opposed the influence of the Israel lobby on that institution, which fired him for a false pretext in 2009: LINK

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Levantine said...

You wrote: Western intellectuals (academics, politicians, media)

It's unclear: do you list the latter as pools for intellectuals, or what.

The best that Western intellectuals can do for themselves, for their brothers and sisters, and for the resistance against Israel's genocide is to discredit and weaken the Israel Lobby and those that -- out of cowardice, careerism, and chosen ignorance -- follow the inhuman dictates of The Lobby.

Can they well distinguish between chosen and accidental ignorance? Between cowardice - and ingenious cunning? Or between careerism - and subverting the enemy by infiltrating its ranks, a supposedly successful tactic?

(true intellectuals, not service intellectuals [1])
[1] "Gradual Change is not Progress" by Denis G. Rancourt

& in that article, you wrote -
One argument of service intellectuals is that we are all people, that mutual respect must prevail, that those on both sides want what is good for everyone and that both sides only need a chance to see this. The latter is certainly the right working assumption in interpersonal relations between individuals but what are the two sides in societal and political struggles? [....] You love your neighbour; you fight your oppressor.

What if your oppressor is also your neighbour? Both you and Paulo Freire recognise that the oppressed often oppress each other. And both you and Freire are pretty silent on the implications.

A few examples of what neighbours in political orientation can do:
On Information Clearing House, every now and then someone calls Norman Finkelstein a gatekeeper. The given reasons are that NF “never mentions” this or that alleged aspect of Jewish power.
Half a year ago, Glenn Greenwald was said "to appear to be just the latest branded anti-imperial “hero” serving to provide cover for a less transparent Israeli agenda" [1] (The other day, the supposedly treasonous Greenwald criticised a politician for condoning Israel’s acts of terrorism. [2]) I myself have been treated as an inferior being for saying why I think Israel is not as powerful as some would have it. My acquaintance, the well-known writer Tony Cartalucci was accused of "blatant covering for the Israel Lobby." [3] These aren’t rare incidents: throughout much of social media “The culture is one of attack, rather than of education.” [4]

Returning to what is _our_ interest here: there is more Palestinian suffering because the opposition to Israel’s crimes is sabotaged by savage stigmatisations. Those who do it may not mean it, but they do it, regularly. As Zionism has parallels with Nazism [5], let’s remind ourselves that the opponents to Nazism harbored Stalinism, and so do anti-zionists. It is a veritable Stalinism, that you’re, by your own standards, DR, passively defending. [6]

Clearly, much of the brouhaha about Israel isn’t about justice, but, rather, small-minded groups, pro- and anti-Zionist alike, grossly overconcerned with their egos and disgustingly uncaring about Palestinian or any other real lives.

By the ultimate effects of their words, these groups are real villains. They also belong to our neighbours. It’s been often said: Find out who you can’t criticize and you will know who it is that rules over you. Too many times, it is our neighbours.

[5] Are you aware that the Third Reich survived WW2?!
[6] I call Stalinism not some state diktats but the actual practices by and under Stalin.