Monday, August 29, 2016

The Queen of War

Muricans: Those of you who will vote for Hillary Clinton will vote for the greatest risk of more domestic instability and violence, and for the greatest risk of major increased wars and destruction. It's that simple. Any other vote will be a more humanistic and self-preserving one. The Queen of War is not the right choice.

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Levantine said...

Americans who are to vote for HC appear determined to cast a vote for decency, and against vitriol, against furthering of conflicts.

They might well think that it is the more civil and more conventional candidate that is more likely to run the more moderate foreign policy!
As for claims that suggest the contrary, - they say all kinds of things in the election season. Once elected, a conventional candidate reneges on the more extreme promises. With the untypical candidate we can't be really sure.

Most recently, I was stunned by this comment that further "clarifies" the choice:

Perhaps this Charlotte W gets the overall situation: