Thursday, September 8, 2016

Will York University in Toronto go along with this latest attack by organized groups?

I am very concerned by these and all such select attacks against employees, especially in the education sector, based on an employee's expression outside of work.

I have reviewed the posts of Nikolaos Balaskas, which are the pretext for this particular attack, and the posts are harmless. The posts are also buried in the distant FB Timeline and are thus difficult to access. If The Canadian Jewish News was truthful about its pretense of harm, then it would not repeat and amplify the said posts on its website. Its article appears to be boasting about the influence that can get an employee "investigated" and possibly fired.

Such attacks as this one, IMO, are strategic attacks to create a continuous propaganda that would give the false impression that antisemitism is a larger-than-reality and growing societal problem. Clearly, this and other such campaigns are (expressly) driven by influential organizations that have the agenda of defending Israeli Middle East policies in the Canadian public opinion and among Canadian lawmakers.

Very disturbing violations of civil rights and freedoms. Will York University go along with this?

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