Friday, August 25, 2017

The Mike Duffy lawsuit is good for civil rights advocacy

<< Senator Mike Duffy is suing the federal government for nearly $8-million, saying the Senate and the RCMP unjustly made him a scapegoat ... (link) >>

Irrespective of public opinion about Duffy's behaviour, it is clear on its face that the PMO was shielded by the police and legal establishment.

This lawsuit is push-back against an intrinsically and highly biased police and court system in Canada.

It has little chance of success against that deplorable intrinsic bias but the effort is a service to society.

Hopefully the media will contribute non-superficial perspectives.

The law and rules of ethics must apply equally to all, including the PMO, and police and justice institutions must ensure that it does.

The shielding was actuated by throwing Duffy under the bus, whereas they all deserved to be punished for shady dealings. Good that the chosen target is fighting back.

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