Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Things That Disturb Me Most

By Denis Rancourt, PhD

The things that disturb me most, in order of concern.

When government institutions and corporations attack me and my family to suppress my democratic participation and to gag me and deprive me of my societal position.

When my own society is occupied and degraded by foreign and special interest plutocrats, constantly engineering public institutions towards stupidity and manipulated fabricated conflicts.

The vicious occupation and dispossession that Israel practices in Palestine, because it is immoral and because an unduly influential Israel lobby in my own country manipulates Canada into co-criminality with Israel and intimidates and attacks public-intellectual opponents of Israel's criminality.

The vicious proxy, economic and military occupations and covert interferences of the USA against Latin America, Africa, the Middle East... because my own country has been made a subservient "partner" in this empire of exploitation.

The violence of the Western educational system in gutting individuals of independent thought and self-worth, and its successes in doing so.

The rampant self-interested use of sophistry by the Western professional classes, and the ease with which the sophistry is adopted at large.

The undue and harmful influence of establishment medicine in defining "health" and our fundamental personal values.

The ease with which the global-warming farce was made the paradigm of mass manipulation that it continues to threaten to be.


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