Friday, February 5, 2010

TA stands for Tasia Alexopoulos

A TA (teacher assistant) at York University (Toronto) who will not kiss ass. Infinitely refreshing!

Damn this TA has guts. You just don't expect to find anything but cowards among profs and grad students... and then this happens - someone stands up and doesn't back down: Fuck you radical prof; you ain't gonna kill this woman.

Firm resistance against the insanity of grades...

READ THE LATEST REPORT HERE - degrading for real

[Photo credit: Grade This! by Jackson Pollock.]

Steel Bananas story about TA at York U
Canadian education as impetus towards fascism
Grades as pretext for firing dissident professor
Giving up the grade - by David F. Noble
Student as Nigger - by Jerry Farber

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