Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Peacefull protester leaves Emergency room after Occupy Ottawa Eviction -- video

At Occupy Ottawa only those most intent on defending the occupied space and willing to risk police arrest and police violence remained and setup their tents in the large empty fountain in the park. Last night they were "evicted".

I received this report:

There were about 150 [police] officers, unmarked and marked cars all around the periphery of the park and a make-shift Intake Centre at the armoury. None of us not already in the park were allowed in. It was too snowy to take good video. We could say from a police perspective that it was a "success"...

From our perspective too: best case scenario. No pepper spray, 8 arrests but no charges, only trespass tickets.

The barricade around the fountain was destroyed.

This is Obert:

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