Saturday, June 17, 2017

Culture revolution for aboriginal apartheid in Canada

By Denis G. Rancourt, PhD

Authentic culture trickles up not down...

Left progressives correctly reject the economic trickle down fantasy.

Why then do they accept the justice and equity trickle down model, in which state-increased access and advantages for collaborating professional class individuals ("role models") would solve the aboriginal apartheid by some unknown magic contrary to historical evidence?

The new campaigns of state-funded education of aboriginal culture and science will be a disaster, by design. 

Real economic independence or bust. 

Without economic empowerment as a basis, top-down provision of ancillary "knowledge" will only deepen the crisis: they don't have economic power, then let them eat state-provided restored "culture".

Multicultural Canada knows how to assimilate with "bilingualism" and neuter with "education". 

The new model of residential schools is to form an aboriginal cadre to feed the students approved culture that is an eminent part of the national multicultural curriculum. 

That is the real "cultural appropriation", irrespective of who is hired. It does not matter that the dancing Indians are actual Indians.


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Denis Rancourt said...

I received this response on Facebook, from Chief Metallic:

"Gary Metallic Sr / Most of what you speak about the state funded education of aboriginal culture and science is happening at the indian act band councils. We who are part of the still Life Heteditary systems that were banned after the forced indian act legislation on our people do not participate in their and canadas dependendency brainwashing programs. Our District Tribal system is totally independent from any state intrusion, we have had enough of their BS over the decades, we will determine our own destinies by applying the ways of our ancestors without any foreign influence, both by natives or non natives. The majority of our members that belong to our original governing system are appointed by their families as their spokespersons or chiefs. We accept no money from canada or Quebec, we fund our system through our own personal funds, the majority of us all are retirees who have worked outside of the reservation most of our lives, but have remained strong Mi' gmaq sovereigntists throughout our lives because of the teachings of our ancestors in who they were and who we are. We are educating our people who want to be educated in the ways of our ancestors and to cut the umbilical cord of dependency from the indian act system, Tribal or Migmaq sovereignty is not for the weak hearted or minded. Our system is not like the indian act system where our members expect to be taken care of, it is not a system of what can be done for its members, it is what the members can do for their government."