Thursday, June 15, 2017

Geopolitical Trajectories

As I see it...

The USA wants continuous instability and violence because global stability and respect for national sovereignty (the very basis of the UN Charter) imply the natural development and independence of Eurasia, Latin America, Africa... and the natural loss of USA hegemony.

Likewise, Israel wants continuous war and conflict in the Middle East to assert its military and enforcement hegemony, which is otherwise naturally eroded by regional development.

Russia and China want diplomacy and collaboration to avoid USA mayhem and economic predation.

The more the USA and Israel support violence and bully nations with sanctions and military campaigns and support for terrorist proxies, the more emerging nations must collaborate and respond. Next the USA dollar will continue to be displaced.

The USA is losing its global bully status. The only question is how brutal it will be in its downfall. (Current examples: Syria, Philippines...) It may also find dignity, but historic examples of authentic USA dignity are rare. There is little choice other than firmly resisting USA madness.

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