Wednesday, June 14, 2017

UN legalistic final sanitization plan for the post-genocide phase of the global aboriginal problem

The real face of "cultural appropriation"

By Denis G. Rancourt, PhD

(Originally a status post on the Facebook page of the Ontario Civil Liberties Association.)

The latest United Nations (UN) Western-world-led globalist scam plan is upon us: Criminalization of "cultural appropriation":

<< Cultural appropriation: Make it illegal worldwide, Indigenous advocates say - Delegates in Geneva from 189 countries are looking at the issue, and some want UN to speed it up - CBC News, June 13, 2017. >>

My take on this travesty:

When the damn lawyers decide to make work for themselves and further exploit aboriginal peoples!

Intellectual Property is a euphemism for corporate and investor theft not unlike protection money and landlord exploitation.

You don't lose your culture when others use and transform or adopt it into their own.

Culture is not a limited resource that is consumed. It is constantly created or destroyed at every location, where it is rooted in economic and human activity. Its transfer is an influence, not a loss.
You lose it when they control, rob, imprison and kill you and your community and family members.

You lose your culture when you are suppressed to the point of not being independent and viable, and you can't muster the will to fight back. The said suppression involves invasion by the predatory system and its culture, and forceful dismantling of the local culture tied to the local original economy.

The occupying system is doing everything it can to separate culture from actual persons, economics and self-determination, so it can be "studied", "taught", "preserved" and "protected". Don't let them make you into a museum and an education curriculum.

The planned legalistic criminalization of "cultural appropriation" is not the way to make reparation or justice. The way to make reparation and justice is to make reparation and justice. Occupying-system laws and their managers, enforcers and collaborators are the opposite of justice. This legal apparatus will be part of the occupation and exploitation.

Another insane "goodness trap" that will benefit the occupying-system managers and collaborators and will lock-in the apartheid.

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