Friday, June 18, 2010

"The Province in its wisdom" -- Marc Jolicoeur explains democracy at the BOG (video)

This is a brilliant video by University of Ottawa math-physics student Marc Kelly.

Marc tracks down the Chairman of the Board of Governors just after the Board approves yet another yearly increase in student tuition fees and asks how this is possible...

Marc questions the democracy of the decision and Chairman Marc Jolicoeur lays it all out for Marc just how it works.

Marc entitled his video "Speaking To The Man".

It's priceless.

Jolicoeur recently was turfed or resigned - LINK.


gyg3s said...

The film makers erred in their understanding of the common law; they try to contradict the statement made by the chairman by citing statutory law.

Maikeru1333 said...

John Dryden (English poet and playwright, 1631-1700)
"By education most have been misled;
So the(y) believe, because they so were bred.
The priest continues what the nurse began,
And thus the child imposes on the man."

heheheh sorry it makes for a good pun tho too lol