Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Political terrorism against national bank in Ottawa, Canada

This remarkable video shows the May 18, 2010, fire bombing of a bank in Canada's capital city. This is the first political terrorism in Ottawa in the memory of its citizens.

The video includes a statement by the group claiming responsibility for the incident.

The video and incident were immediately report by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: HERE.

Other news links include:
ABC News
Ottawa Citizen
Globe and Mail
Toronto Sun

How does social change occur?

One of the most interesting aspects of this action is the blogger comment backlash being directed against the political terrorist group. It shows a vehement attempt to quash this form of direct action resistance.

Another outcome is that this action shows how easy it is to physically resist. It shows that arson is a simple yet devastatingly effective form of direct action against powerful hierarchical structures.

The mainstream media is stating that the political terrorist group responsible for the fire is an anarchist group.

Let's see if the police state apparatus of Kanada will catch these brave daredevils? The police certainly are giving it their best attempt. If they fail, they will look very bad, with all those surveillance cameras and web trolling tactics and all...

Two societal responses are possible:
  1. more police
  2. addressing the underlying injustices and lack of democracy