Saturday, July 10, 2021

Philosophical Thought: Morality and Power

My today's philosophical thought:

Morality is a plea to be oppressed fairly, and not excessively.

Dominants have little use for morality, except that a society with fair oppression is more stable against degradation, revolution, civil war, and sabotage.

(All societies are dominance hierarchies, and oppression is a structural feature of any dominance hierarchy.)

Inspirational background: the 1939 book "The Twenty Years' Crisis, 1919-1939" by EH Carr

Friday, July 9, 2021

Questioning the Global Pandemic-Response Structure


COVID, Swine Flu, Avian Flu, SARS...

Objective harm analysis proves that the "pandemic" global-response structure should be dismantled.

The said structure is a political instrument for globalism, colonialism, and publicly-funded Pharma mega profits, disconnected from reality for viral respiratory diseases.

The pandemic responses have been unjustified and harmful disasters.

Furthermore, looking at all-cause mortality by time (by day, week or month), across all nations with seasonal winter-burden deaths, since WWII, the declared "pandemics" are not statistically different from the "non-pandemics", which is a hard scientific fact.

I conclude that "pandemic" is a fictitious phenomenon, a word used to instill fear and to manipulate for power and profit.

Denis Rancourt
9 July 2021

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"Virus Mania" book by Torsten Engelbrecht and Claus Kohnlein