Saturday, April 25, 2020

My conspiracy theory about COVID-19: Geopolitics

I'm back this morning, with my tentative COVID-19 conspiracy theory.

There is just no way that this globally coordinated extravaganza of fear-inducing media-propaganda and government-imposed lockdowns is an authentic and proportionate reaction to an actual deathly-mega-threat.

Sure, many corporations and financiers have already benefited, but the core (backbone) driving force must be bigger than even Pharma vaccines and trillion-dollar bank bailouts.

My guess is that this is an attempt to break/isolate Russia-China-Iran-Venezuela... by totally depriving Russia-Iran of oil revenues for an extended period of time, while the Fed prints its paper money. That is why they keep saying that the lockdown may have to last a long time.

If they break Russia, then there is no Eurasia and China-alone cannot resist USA domination and USA increased economic-energy invasion and control. If they break Iran, then they have the Middle-East again, and control China's access to energy.

IMO, this saga is a huge geopolitical battle, a desperate USA-deep-state gamble. This is what a world-war looks like without risking nuclear confrontation by increased large-scale military aggression. Those military options would not be popular, but no one wants to die of COVID.

(If they told us why they shut down the world economy and bought us (most of us) out with a free ride, would we agree? How would the world react?)

The core backbone of World events is always geopolitics, still tied to the major nations. The dominant empire is based in the USA, no matter how globalized. Without USA military preparedness, COVID-19 would not have been a thing.


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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

My 2013 book about social hierarchy is now available as a free PDF download

My 2013 book about social hierarchy is now available as a free PDF download

>>>>  [ResearchGate shut down my account. Bad ResearchGate.]

The free PDF download of the entire book is available here:

Reviews of the book, when it first came out, are here:

Paperback copies are available from the publisher here:

"Denis Rancourt has turned the entire notion of RACISM on its head and at the same time exposes racist acts committed by others to deflect that characterization from sticking at the highest levels of The Academy. North American civil rights defenders need this book at this time. Rancourt’s deeply incisive Fight Against Racism brings us back to the reality of the struggle, away from the manoeuvring for class advantage and away from the victim’s desire to create illusions of state-given justice."
—Cynthia McKinney, First African-American woman elected to represent Georgia in the US Congressional House of Representatives

Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Too many people are asking me to give my opinion about this, as a scientist, so here goes.

5G electromagnetic frequencies and the 5G emission technology themselves do NOT constitute "evil technology" that can be used, as deployed, to depopulate the world, or make you sick, or affect your psychological state, or make you more vulnerable to infections, etc.

That is crazy shit, polluting your minds if it resonates with you; as in this example of gibberish, here, by David Icke:

Higher frequencies (100 GHz rather than the usual 1 GHz, say) would be deployed in order to reduce the transmission time of information. Such higher frequencies will present a whole new set of practical difficulties, and there could be mild negative environmental consequences, and negative urban planning consequences, but human health cannot directly be affected.

Much more importantly, the 5G overhaul will be exploited to change the architecture of the internet, to the advantage of the corporate-CIA-financier-etc complex. Civil rights are dramatically threatened, which is a totalitarian trend, having virtually no democratic oversight. Western elected governments, more and more, are just managers of this trend.

All frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum cause damage if irradiated at a sufficiently large intensity, or power per unit irradiated area. That is neither here nor there. Some frequencies resonate with specific entities and thus cause targeted effects. All true, but not relevant to human health in this application.

There will be surprises ("challenges") in the broad application of 5G, but human medical health will not be one, except via car accidents and such indirect means.

Your body and mind will not be invaded by the 5G radiation itself.

Your mind is being attacked, as usual, by all the methods of censorship and propaganda, enhanced by the technology of the social-media environment, not to mention institutionalized "education".

So please stop. Reset. Try to overcome your gullibility, and develop discernment.

>>>> update:

Here is a good snapshot of the current scientific literature on the topic, which corroborates my position (you can do an advanced-search on Google-Scholar to find these):

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Amazing broad discussion scientific basis coronavirus - physicists Jim and Denis

Jim Larsen McLean and Denis Rancourt decided to openly discuss COVID-19 and the coronavirus. Both have physics academic backgrounds, and both are avid critical readers of medical research. Both are polymaths. On this topic, Denis did most of the talking.

First question: How do you know this is hysteria?
How do they know the cause of death?
Would they have died from a simple flu...?
In microbiology "everything is everywhere".
What does IFR mean, really?
Will we all die? How many?
How does dynamics of contagion work?
Is there no justification for lockdown?
Precautionary Principle...
Broad testing to know propagation...
EVOLUTION vs wrong thinking of attacking a virus!
DISTRIBUTED approach to combating disease
Two orders-of-magnitude in death-rate from measles
Nutrition vs stress and psychology
Pandemic industry and Black Plague
Fear vs geopolitics, and China
Many ways to exploit a pandemic
Mainstream-media synchronicity is no accident
Prof. Peter Gotzsche
HARM is both biological and against democracy
4 BILLION YEARS of co-evolution
How many people will be killed by the lockdowns?
But this is not a flu!
Pandemic industry - Why now?
Politicians were rewarded for violating civil rights
RADICAL IDEAS about masks and everything
Future topic for Jim and Denis

Jim's YouTube channel:

Jim at Technical University of Denmark:

Denis' profile at ResearchGate:

Denis' profile at GoogleScholar:

Denis' articles at Dissident Voice:

Ontario Civil Liberties Association:

LINKS re scientists on coronavirus

Latest article in Lancet, March 30th:

This HK study may have influenced China, that it could be blamed...
I think that is why China over-reacted with a lockdown, which then cascaded into today's hysteria.

The CDC "test" protocol is flawed and not validated, approved under emergency exception. It was made in a total absence of a coronavirus standard, does not discriminate other viruses, the false-positive rate was not evaluated and is unknown.

Still my favorite, by Ioannidid:

Latest results on coronavirus - Lancet March-30th - Everybody calm down

Latest research findings,
30 March 2020,
33 authors


In plain words:

1. Everybody calm down.

2. The infection-fatality-ratio is small (as also reported by several other researchers), typical of seasonal-flu values.

3. The kids and youth are safe. This pathogen virtually kills only old people, having pre-existing health issues (hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer).


The infection-fatality-rate is small (even probably overestimated in this study). This means that virtually everyone develops immunity and recovers.

Only the small percentage who do not, will die, and research-doctors have explained that many of these cases cannot be saved by any modern intervention (although the Didier-Raoult treatment, and Chinese intra-venous-vitamin protocols are promissing).

This all, in turn, implies that the solution is to stay home and recover, which is what the EU-WHO says, not lockdowns.

Demand that you be allowed to walk outside and go places, if you have no symptoms.

Most seasonal flu are highly infectious (as in: "have you had it yet?") and have small infection-fatality-rates, as is the case here.

Caution: Mass testing/screening and enthusiastic sending to clinics and hospitals are activities that amplify transmission, and increase risk of co-infections.

The solution is the same as always: If you have symptoms, stay home, rest, recover.

This virus became apparent in patients with pre-existing pneumonia or susceptibility to pneumonia, but that is often the case: many chronically ill patient are constantly fighting off pneumonia.

Plus, the important point that the very presence of the particular coronarivus is probably being over-evaluated (false-positives), means that perceptions are highly distorted.

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