Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Why COVID-19 is global mass hysteria

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This HK study may have influenced China, that it could be blamed...

The CDC "test" protocol is flawed and not validated, approved under emergency exception. It was made in a total absence of a coronavirus standard, does not discriminate other viruses, the false-positive rate was not evaluated and is unknown.

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Friday, March 20, 2020

Is coronavirus an ordinary flu for some and a bio-weapon for others?

By Denis G. Rancourt

In the present day, there can be little doubt that the USA has developed advanced bio-weapons, and is willing to use them covertly. The entire world knows that anti-imperialist Latin American leaders do not suddenly develop aggressive lethal cancers in synchronicity by accident. Likewise, the USA public now knows that the recent North-American Lyme disease outbreak was vectored by escaped weaponized tics [Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons, by Kris Newby, 2019].  USA funding for a vast bio-weapons program is a matter of public record. Furthermore, in the words of the Federation of American Scientists:

Recently, the US interpretation of the Biological Weapons Convention has come to reflect the point of view that Article I, which forbids the development or production of biological agents except under certain circumstances, does not apply to non-lethal biological weapons. [Introduction to Biological Weapons, 2013]
The Editors at Veterans Today argue that the Coronavirus was brought to China by USA soldiers.[1]

China shares the same conclusion as the Editors at Veterans Today,[2] on the basis of medical and scientific evidence.

I would add my thoughts as follows.

It seems clear that China reacted to the new coronavirus as though it were a potential biological attack, rather than simply the latest virulent seasonal flu. This, in itself, suggests that the virology of the pathogen may have a military signature. The Chinese do not have a habit of rapid thoughtless over-reactions. The Chinese reaction would have been based on genetic sequencing, prior to the actual mortally rate of the virus being known.

It is possible that the new coronavirus is (or theoretically could have been) BOTH:
  •  a normal flu virus (that is, having a usual degree of contagiousness and a typical flu-like mortality rate, for most general populations) to some [see Dr Ioannidis' important article]
  •  a bio-weapon designed to be particularly potent against groups genetically similar to Iran's population to others, while providing a shot across the bow to China.
If my hypothetical scenario is correct, this would mean that the USA genetically engineered a virus by matching the viral genetic code to part of the RNA of the Iranian ethnic group. Such engineering would not affect the degree of contagion, nor produce targeted contagion (viral attachment depends of the structure of the viral envelop, not its genetic strands). Rather, once infected, the individual with partially matching RNA would have accelerated in-cell multiplication (viral reproduction). The result is that an infected Iranian develops extreme consequences (large fraction of penetrated cells) more rapidly, and more burst cells, which combination is more often lethal than in unmatched-RNA subjects.

Remarkably, unlike most Western nations, Iran's "entire gene pool has remained largely unchanged over at least the past 5,000 years, but probably rather the past 10,000 years" [link]. Similarly, one would look to studies like this one [link] to view the genetic structure of populations in modern Italy.

Russia has reported publicly that CIA-connected NGOs have had broad and systematic blood-collection programs.[3] Such genetic mining is the basis for this kind of genetic engineering of pathogens. And, the USA considers Eurasian integration to be an almost intolerable threat, such as Italy ["Defying Allies, Italy Signs On to New Silk Road With China", NYT, 2019].

Iranian leaders travel frequently to China, which would be an ideal strategic vector.[4] Also novel flu viruses often already originate in China, which provides an ideal cover.

So, USA soldiers carried the virus (non-lethal to them) to Wuhan, in the military games, as reported by China. Patient-zeros were USA soldiers, artificially infected.

Furthermore, the present level of global synchronous and aligned media hysteria, probably can only be CIA-coordinated, as I showed for the mid-2000s media seeding for climate hysteria, in my 2019 Report.[5]  More recently, we had the globally coordinated "climate emergency" frenzy, unrelated to any real events.


For scientific article by Denis Rancourt, see ResearchGate.

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