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Saturday, December 18, 2010

We want Canada to recognize the State of Palestine on the 1967 borders now

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We want Canada to join Argentina, Brazil, Cuba and approximately 130 other countries and recognize the State of Palestine on the 1967 borders now.

This will be a constructive national step towards stopping Israel's illegal occupation and continued ongoing stealing of Palestine.

We also want Canada, given its special relationship with Israel, to recognize the historic fact that 1948 was an ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and to commit to actuating just reparation from those responsible.

We would also welcome a national referendum on these questions, in the interest of democracy.

In addition, we ask that the Canadian parliament pass a unanimous motion in the House of Commons stating "We vow to uphold individual and collective rights to criticize the state of Israel without being attacked as anti-Semitic."

On the hypocrisy of climate change threat advocates

By Denis G. Rancourt

Those who argue that climate change driven by fossil fuel burning is a dominant threat to the environment and to humankind should act according to their beliefs. With knowledge comes responsibility.

If it is true that scientific consensus leads one to the undeniable conclusion that unchecked global warming or climate change will likely lead to humankind’s greatest threat in its short history on Earth then two things follow:

(1) Powerful interests which oppose climate change mitigation or which do not sufficiently endeavour to mitigate climate change and which obviously have access to science experts and their published reports must knowingly desire the destruction of the biosphere as we know it, and

(2) Citizens who become aware of the scientific consensus have a moral responsibility to do everything they can in self-defence to avert the eminent destruction of the planet.

Each individual citizen who becomes informed that increasing atmospheric CO2 concentration from the burning of fossil fuel will lead to world catastrophe on the scale of the planet has a duty to do everything he/she can to stop as much fossil fuel burning as possible.

The time for discussion, organizing and lobbying is over. The planet is on the edge.

Simply reducing one’s carbon footprint rather than actively participating to reduce fossil fuel burning by multiplicative actions is a cowardly escape from responsibility. By this false logic why not kill yourself and reduce your footprint to zero?

The slashing of automobile tires can no longer be seen as a crime but must be understood as a service to humanity.

Likewise water in gasoline tanks, derailing coal-bearing trains, bombing pipelines, forcibly shutting down extraction operations, and destroying home furnaces must all be understood as noble emergency service to humanity rather than seen as property and economic damage.

Poisonous CO2 must be brought under control without further delay. Those who cannot fight should stop breathing and kill themselves for the greater good.

Surely climate change threat advocates do not realistically expect the same technocratic government-NGO-corporate-finance enterprise that created the problem and that refuses to expediently fix it before it is too late to act as needed to avert the impending catastrophe?

That would be like asking investors to prevent stock value bubbles and market crashes because of the harm to ordinary people and the devastating impacts on communities.

No, responsible citizens must take immediate individual direct and effective action to stop as much fossil fuel burning as possible.

A single teenager slashing five or so tires per minute on a parking lot (church or Wal-Mart say), counting internal combustion engine down time, is equivalent to shutting down one coal-fired power plant every two years.

Live according to your beliefs.

Anything else is pure hypocrisy and selfish escapism.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

This is Canada::: This is Israel?

This video gives the present status of Canadian government support for Israel.

In this video Canada's dramatic policy alignment and domestic transformation is tentatively explained as "ideological alignment" (even though it most significantly started with the Liberal Martin government).

Let's call this explanation the "we completely determine national priorities and reshape Canadian society (laws, funding, diplomacy, etc.) without regard for majority public opinion or consultation because 'we think the same' theory", or "ideology rules" for short.

Does the filmmaker take us for morons?

Here's an idea for an alternative to this mush that would involve some investigation beyond describing the obvious: Follow the money, trace the influence, dig up the roots, find the pay offs. Hello mister journalistic filmmaker: Is anybody home?

Ideology does not exist unsupported. It is supported by a true material and social advantage arising from adopting and practicing the ideology. Symptom versus cause: What truly motivates politicians? How "principled" are they?

There is no such thing as spontaneously generated and self-maintained ideology. That is a myth, up there with the bible's explanation (Genesis) of creation. There are underlying causes (determining forces) of ideology and beliefs and perceptions.

So, investigate and report something useful rather than contribute to masking the underlying socio-psychological workings of power.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This is Canada::: Flat-out call for murder on national television - no one bats an eye

This is truly disgusting - authentically revolting.

Here is smug elite media service intellectual scum nonchalantly calling for murder and political assassination. The other commentators find it amusing.

Tom Flanagan: "The man behind Stephen Harper"

In today's Canada this opinion and influence trader will not be reprimanded in the Canadian media, be disciplined, be fired, or be criminally investigated. Although he may not be re-invited to a CBC panel in the immediate future?

A rare (local) critical media report HERE.