Friday, April 18, 2014

My concise definition of institutional education

Institutionally imposed "study" is unpaid forced labour done by adults and minors. It is as dehumanizing as any regime of forced labour, and it is not only unpaid but it imposes life-long personal debt and health deterioration. Its ancillary benefits (socializing) are only tolerated as a necessary management allowance.

Links to Denis Rancourt's essays about the student condition and student liberation HERE.

Links to Denis Rancourt's essays about the student condition and student liberation

Plato as the post-60s student: Rancourt’s only chance? (2009)

Need for and Practice of Student Liberation (2010)

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CLASSE analysis of Quebec student movement tactics (2012)

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Predicting the next juvenile revolution (2015)
Predicting the next juvenile revolution (2015) (on Dissident Voice)

And on transforming education:

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Media interviews and reviews:

TVO interview (2009)

Interview with Evita Ochel (Evolving Beings) (2013)

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"No grades in higher education now!" -- The academic freedom case of Denis Rancourt inspires leading education research -- But is the revolution any closer? (2015)
No Grades in Higher Education Now! Is the revolution any closer? (2015) (Dissident Voice version)

Other social theory essays by Denis Rancourt HERE and HERE.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Defamation law must be abolished -- Join the effort to abolish defamation law

Defamation law can't be fixed. It is the only common law tort (cause of action) that presumes guilt. It is a legal abomination, a persistent residue from Star-Chamber England.

Other torts are enough. This one must go.

Read this report published by the Ontario Civil Liberties Association:

OCLA position paper on Bill 83 – The tort of defamation must be abolished in Ontario

Listen to this radio interview on The Corbett Report:

Interview 862 – Denis Rancourt Dissects the Tort of Defamation

Public pressure and civil society can cause governments to legislate this abhorrent stain out of the courtrooms of free and democratic nations.

For a start, join OCLA, and join the OCLA Facebook group and follow OCLA on Twitter.