Friday, July 8, 2016

Evolutionary anthropology and racism

From an anthropological perspective, humans are all racist and have always been racist.

Evolutionary anthropologists call racism "parochialism" and "in-group favoritism" and show it to be a fundamental characteristic in species, including primates and humans, that form hierarchical social orders. This anthropological understanding informs us that the "solution" is NOT language control, which suppresses individual influence and strengthens high-gradient hierarchical oppression, but rather more occasions to interact without state-imposed rules intended to enhance state dominance.

The interactions lead to both stable ethnic communities and mixing communities, depending on the circumstances, whereas increasing state control and pervasive suppression of individuals and targeted-class groups leads to increasing violence and empire collapse.

In the context of US imperialism in the Middle East: Racist sentiments against Muslims or against Jews are both real phenomena. Humans have human reactions. The best way to address differences is by communication, debate, argument, and free expression. The problems arise when the state uses force against a person's expression and interpreted thoughts or emotions. The politics (social correctness pressures) of using accusations of "Islamophobia" or "antisemitism" are often dirty (manipulative, dishonest, etc.). The state should not be allowed to suppress that social politics between individuals; except to prevent the abuses of corporations controlled by elites with disproportionate means, funded lobbyists, etc. The state should protect individual freedom of expression, not attack it with speech and thought-crime laws or laws that allow the powerful to silence individuals.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Today's national news: Canada will lead a new NATO battlegroup against Russia!

Happy Canada Day! (today's news!)

Liberal Canada is more war mongering than was Harper. Selling arms to Saudi Arabia despite an election campaign message of change and of peace keeping, and now threatening Russia in order to satisfy insane US geopolitical machinations. Systematically gutting its own economy in order to become an arms dealership for the US-allied war machine.

Russia is not my enemy. Nation-destroying war-mongering Canadian politicians are my enemy. Russia is doing everything it can to bring peace, respect, and global collaboration. The US-NATO plan in Europe is a megalomaniac plan of a war-hungry empire losing its absolute dominance in the face of Russia-China (BRICS) emergence, in the face of its loss of influence in the Middle East, and in the face of EU pains that may see Europe start to stand up for its people.

If we Canadians don't wake up soon from our pretty-face Trudeau daydream, we are going to miss being truly part of the new multi-polar world, and we will have a lot more blood on our hands as the US goes mad from decline. The US's only industry is war and corporate takeovers. Is that really what Canadians want? Fellow Canadians, please stand against failure and destruction.