Monday, August 29, 2016

The Queen of War

Muricans: Those of you who will vote for Hillary Clinton will vote for the greatest risk of more domestic instability and violence, and for the greatest risk of major increased wars and destruction. It's that simple. Any other vote will be a more humanistic and self-preserving one. The Queen of War is not the right choice.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

"Hate crime" is sick

"Hate crime", as a crime in state statutes, is a feature of a totalitarian society. 

Democratic societies have only regular crimes and a strong presumption of innocence until proven guilty, with no thought or expression crimes. 

A regular crime must have a victim (different from the accused, and not society at large) that was actually, measurably and willfully harmed by the actions of the accused.

Democratic societies examine motive in establishing guilt, but do not reduce the state's onus to prove guilt or increase the penalty based on inferred thought judged to be "hateful". 

The "hate crime" judicial fabrication is dystopia, plain and simple. No way to make a healthy society.

The criminal "justice" system must never be designed and used as a state apparatus to socially engineer attitudes, thoughts, and emotions. It must solely provide objectively managed security against disproportionate harm willfully caused by assailants.