Saturday, February 28, 2009

here it is – the essay that explains the student’s place in society



grzesiu said...

Dear Proffesor,
I am anarcho-christian student from Poland, now i am finishing my strugle :) on 6th year of medical studies in Łódź,
I have just read the information about Anarchist Professor.
I am with You, " We are the salt of the earth",
warm regards, take care

p. s.
i write it here as i couldnt send my message via email You have attached to blogger account.

Anonymous said...

This is a shameful experience and I am sorry you have to go through this. I admire your courage and respect the way you have conducted yourself in this matter, and your dedication in providing a true learning enviroment for your students. I actually undertook this type of learning myself as a way to obtain my graduate degree, which I recieved from a UK university: Middlesex U. It has recieved the Queen's award for its work based education: learning that is dictated by the students interest not the administration.
However, I find my MA is not recognised by the ususal academic instituions and professional coporations, which I have since learnt work very closely together.In this "unhealthy" way they are able to maintain their power and control; via dictating rigid rules over professional associatons and the student body. The bulk of this damage is being done by holding on to the status quo rules about teaching and learning(process and content) and by reducing the possiblility of any healthy competition.
Good luck!

runnerbrain said...
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Jean Pleh said...

but how can i be both a student and a nigger? simultaneously the symbol for the bright future and the dark past? I must be experiencing a QUANTUM STATE!! This is much too complicated for my tiny brain eeeeEAAAAAA!!

(possible inner dialog of a person or electron struggling to ground itself and release the charge of disturbing language-based electricity)

Jean Pleh said...

oh and also i would love to converse now or in the summer! I will try to email you through UofO or maybe if you are interested you can comment on my page -I have become very very interested in your struggles with UofO, and how it migth come to resolution. I have a high amount of faith that good things will come out of it but am nevertheless worried the dissidence will be shut out in this case unlike Ward Churchill's recent settlement...

I view the refinement of pedagogy and faith in students as one of the most inspiring and interesting subjects in my life, more importantly a rational belief in the beautiful potential for cultivating many many human brains in the sciences adn humanities. I am behind you 100%!
-haha the Quantum State joke in the first post is actually a key 'here there both' philosophy im working on too, relating to human experience of objects and the resulting eras of ontology and telos, I hope maybe this sparks enough interest or legitimacy to warrant future contact!

Anonymous said...

Child as nigger. For many of us oppression begins in the home. The schools merely take advantage of and reinforce the conditioning of the powerless child by its caregivers.

High schools as factories of oppressed, disempowered youth is another big topic, worthy of a separate thread.

My point is, by the time most of us get to university, there is precious little the university has to do to make us fearful, meek and unassertive of our rights. We're already there.