Friday, October 9, 2009

Student Mario Savio speaks out against Corporate U

Students are the raw material. The products are obedient employees, indoctrinated managers, and service intellectuals. Mario Savio explains it in this video. The machine has only been perfected since that time and there are fewer Marios.

Student Mario Savio proposes this solution:

And we have no idea what he means, no idea what he is talking about, because we have no reference point, because we have been schooled too perfectly.

On the important question of corporatization
Physics-math student between a Rock and a hard place

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Anonymous said...

I am planning to use this speech as a thunk ... it will be interesting to hear the responses. At the moment, all of the pupils that I have come across regard themselves as product. They think that something is wrong if you don't regard them as such.