Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Breaking the Rules" - a talk by David F. Noble

This talk "Breaking the Rules" by Professor David F. Noble was presented at the unSchooling Oppression conference, Ottawa, Canada, November 5, 2007.

Inspiring and entertaining... Put your headphones on and enjoy this vintage and personal David Noble material!

When David Noble was fired from M.I.T. Noam Chomsky explained that "he was too radical for M.I.T." David Noble is arguably the most important historian of science and technology of the 20th century. When he contributed a talk about the corporatization of campuses at the University of Ottawa in 2004, with co-speakers Ralph Nader and Leonard Minsky, several executive officers of the university declared that "he is not an academic".

After a brief statement in French by student and organizer Philippe Marchand, Professor Denis Rancourt presents the speaker (in English).

The Q&A/discussion following the talk is difficult to hear because there was no mic in the audience.

The audio file is also available for download HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Denis,
thanks for posting. Sounds like it was a great conference! David was superb as always...
wishing you well,
Marc (Spooner)

l87 said...

david is my professor currently at York. I had no idea he was into the unschooling pedagogy. I have researched and been interested in its findings as well, I will def. speak to him about this. Great to hear, and Noble is NOT too radical - unless too radical means being too HONEST!