Friday, September 17, 2010

G20-Toronto public enquiry farce is a national shame - TRN reality check - video

Disgusting behaviour of the cops, their bosses, and the "justice" establishment. And of most of the mainstream media and the civil rights establishment which is soft asleep. Historians take note!

Witness the degradation of Canadian institutions. This is the continued growth of corporate fascism.

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Dark Daughta said...

What I find interesting is the way that the (mostly) young men who were arrested post G20 after being proscripted by the police in the media, labeled as dangerous and violent, seem to have fallen between the political cracks in this situation. Most either write about the "peaceful" protesters or the radically politicized activist organizers. No one seems to be willing to publicly claim these faceless men who have been offered no moral high ground as in the case of the "peaceful" protesters and who cannot claim a political network of supporters or allies. It's almost as if these "most wanted" and "worst of the worst" are ghosts in the machine. I suspect that they will end up having a lot more hell come their way by virtue of not being able to get media or community attention, than many of the others who are constructed as either victims of the kettling, pacifist protesters or driven radical organizers. These young men aren't branded. Their resistance isn't documented. Their struggles with police will not be the subject of any article on Most likely many of them will simply fade jail cells somewhere in the very near future. Yup.