Thursday, December 2, 2010

This is Canada::: This is Israel?

This video gives the present status of Canadian government support for Israel.

In this video Canada's dramatic policy alignment and domestic transformation is tentatively explained as "ideological alignment" (even though it most significantly started with the Liberal Martin government).

Let's call this explanation the "we completely determine national priorities and reshape Canadian society (laws, funding, diplomacy, etc.) without regard for majority public opinion or consultation because 'we think the same' theory", or "ideology rules" for short.

Does the filmmaker take us for morons?

Here's an idea for an alternative to this mush that would involve some investigation beyond describing the obvious: Follow the money, trace the influence, dig up the roots, find the pay offs. Hello mister journalistic filmmaker: Is anybody home?

Ideology does not exist unsupported. It is supported by a true material and social advantage arising from adopting and practicing the ideology. Symptom versus cause: What truly motivates politicians? How "principled" are they?

There is no such thing as spontaneously generated and self-maintained ideology. That is a myth, up there with the bible's explanation (Genesis) of creation. There are underlying causes (determining forces) of ideology and beliefs and perceptions.

So, investigate and report something useful rather than contribute to masking the underlying socio-psychological workings of power.

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