Monday, May 16, 2011

Gerald Celente on education -- videos

This self-styled trend analyst is dead on the money regarding the US-Canada college-university scam powered by the same financiers that are dismantling societies everywhere.

Leaving aside gold and silver, check out this priceless gem at 3m20s:
Oh, oh, oh and at 27m35s... producing such "geniuses"...:

Make them stupid and get rich doing it... Dismantling domestic First World society and robbing it of accumulated wealth is the most profitable business around, up there and interconnected with war and economic predation of foreign places... As long as there is money to be made and no real risks the top predators will plunder and pillage...

[Thanks to reader SM.]


Unknown said...

Celente interviewed by Paul Watson a few days ago. Good rant against the media at 6m 39s and description of the bin Laden raid at 8m 26s

Smoking Man said...

Dennis do a story on:


I did some digging and can't find a reasonable answer.

Denis Rancourt said...

Hi SM,

The owners are corporate and societal elite interests via their memberships on the "Boards" that run these corporations we call universities. The CEO is the president who can be fired by the Board.

See Mario Savio on this point:

D.C.Elliott said...

Typical of Libertarian organizations; corporate power is invisible in this video. The problem is that corporate power over goverment needs to be weakened(eliminated)and the goverment needs to be more democratic. In addition the dollar is not "worthless" it represents labor. Gold is the biggest bubble of all because it is truly worthless. The video makes alot of good points about education but it's conclusions and solutions are suspect.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Denis:

Yes, you are spot on. What better why to grap up all the resources and destroy possible competitors than by making them stupid with poison food, drugs, and a not worth so much educational system.

I remember in my early Teacher training in the early 70's reading the educational gurus of the day and visiting an open school and thinking that if these ideas take hold there will be the total destruction of education in America and future generations wouldn't be able to function or even survive that well.

Now, I see I was correct in my assumptions of that time.

Take care,