Monday, April 1, 2013

Denis Rancourt's physics paper about planetary warming has been downloaded more than 1000 times

Denis Rancourt's radiation physics paper of 2011 has been download in its free-access pdf form more than 1000 times from the non-profit site

This paper is arguably the clearest and most accessible, yet rigorous, paper to describe the fundamental physics (radiation balance) of Earth's surface temperature phenomenon. It corrects textbook errors about interpretation, and obtains the actual mean surface temperature from first principles, using only known physical constants.

It may be the most downloaded physics paper about the Earth's surface temperature.

One physicist web commentator said:

Have you seen DGR in action ?

A recent post on ICECAP is a real winner: Jun 05, 2011 Radiation physics constraints on global warming: CO2 increase has little effect By Denis G. Rancourt, Former physics professor, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada

Follow the link to a 22 page article which is a tour de force of simple physics demonstrration. DGR's presentation puts me in mind of Pauling or Feynman lectures in my Caltech days. At least cruise over the hard stuff and savor the commentary. This guy is a keeper prof who got sideways with authority at U of Ottawa and was canned. My kinda guy!!!

Hunter Paalman
Walnut Creek, CA

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