Sunday, September 22, 2013

Two Authors that Medical Schools Avoid

And whose works should be part of the foundation for a rational and evidence-based medicine...

By Denis G. Rancourt

The two researchers and authors to which I refer are:
In particular, I have in mind their remarkable books:
  • Follies and Fallacies in Medicine (Skrabanek, with co-author McCormick) [1], and 
  • Unhealthy Societies - The Afflictions of Inequality (Wilkinson) [2].
Skrabanek exposes the widespread ineptness and delusional incompetence of the modern medical profession. He does not cross the line of explicitly stating that medical practice does more harm than good but, nonetheless, the reader is left with a realistic mistrust of the inner workings of the mind of the medical doctor. The book opens a window into "the present state of our ignorance", rather than continue the lie that doctors diagnose and prescribe without doing harm [3][4].

Wilkinson, in his chapters 9 and 10, does a review of the extensive research, on both human and non-human animals, which establishes that the dominant and causal factor for health in First World countries is stress (i.e., the physiological responses to stress) from being at the lower end of society's dominance hierarchy.

When we consider the depth, logic, and insight of authors such as Skrabanek and Wilkinson, it is a wonder that their ideas are not the core of medical training, that medical training is not leading a radical criticism of itself, and that individual practitioners can be so indifferent to the Lie. The usual model of professionalism, status, and maintenance of self-image is clearly at work [5].

When we consider that medical practice incorrectly identifies and "treats" false causes (so-called "risk factors") of mortality (Skrabanek, and Wilkinson), combined with the overwhelming evidence that the major killers (heart disease and cancer) are mainly affected by dominance stress (Wilkinson), that medicine can do virtually nothing for the major killers (Skrabanek), and that medical interventions themselves are very often lethal [3][4], then it is a wonder that the modern practice of medicine is legal.


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[2] Wilkinson, Richard G., Unhealthy Societies -- The Afflictions of Inequality, London, Routledge, 1996, xi + 255 pages, 1996.

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VyseLegendaire said...

Hi there Denis, I thought you might be interested in some supporting evidence for your recent medical-related posts.

have you seen the major study 'Death by Medicine' by American activist, author, and radio host Gary Null?

It was the first major study to demonstrate that medical errors are the most profound cause of death in the US.

There are a few placed to find it on the net, note that it contains many sources to back up its claims.

here's one place to find it free:

In addition you can purchase a physical copy on Amazon for about 10$

Denis Rancourt said...

@Vyse Legendaire:
Thank you for the reference to the clear and helpful on-line resource that is the work of Null et al.: