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CBC-Ottawa's biased reporting of a pro-Palestine rally -- Not good

By Denis G. Rancourt

On July 26, 2014, I was there. I took more than 250 pictures and 8 videos. I followed the demo from start to finish.

It was the most vibrant, humanistic, family-oriented demo that I have ever seen in Ottawa. There were more than 2000 participants, possibly as many as 5000 or more, counting those who did not stay the whole time and did not walk to the end-destination.

Then I saw a tweet by the CBC-Ottawa reporter Kamil Karamali that seemed to be making shit up. So I questioned the man.

Then I saw the CBC-Ottawa 6pm news report about the demo, and it was trash. Unbelievable.

Karamali and his editors decided to take this incredibly positive event and open the story with tabloid-trash about some "clawing at an Israeli flag" and such.

Here, I want to show readers all the videos, tweets, and emails that, in my opinion, expose this irresponsible reporting (again, my opinion), done in the context of large cuts to the CBC and a government ideology (including the full PC-Liberal-NDP Harper-Trudeau-Mulcair rainbow) that is viscerally pro-Israeli-war-crimes.

Here is Karamali's post-demo July 26, 2014 initializing tweet:
Here is the video that Karamali linked to his tweet:

Here is my first and only tweet to Karamali:

Here is the video that I linked to my tweet:

Here are the tweet replies of Karamali, to me and others concerned about the same matter:

Here is the 6pm final CBC News report (start and relevant segment) that was published:

And here is the full email exchange that I had with Mr. Karamali about this matter:

Denis Rancourt 27 July 2014 09:34 To: Kamil Karamali 
Hi Kamil, 
I want to have as open a mind as possible considering your report of yesterday's demonstration. 
But, I find it difficult to understand your language: 
"clawing at their flag" 
How does one do that? Is that journalistic language? 
"much needed police presence" 
Your images and words were the opening intro of the main day's CBC news, here: That is how you and CBC chose to represent the most respectful and humanistic and family-oriented demo I have ever seen in Ottawa, at which I took more than 250 pictures and 8 videos. No mention that the two provocateurs did not want to be identified, or did they identify themselves to you? No mention that the police let the provocateurs walk along side the demo without asking them to leave or step away and without insisting on being near the provocateurs to calm any reactions from people who have family in Gaza being bombed by Israel. 
How is your report objective? Balanced? You chose to contrast a 3-hour peaceful family event with a planned stunt that the police condoned, and you and your editors anchored the story with that stunt that had lasted seconds. I find it difficult to not interpret your actions negatively, to put it mildly. [red emphasis added]
And this still does not explain your allegations of "pushing and shoving" that you made on twitter, and that you claimed to have as "physical evidence" "on camera" but that does not appear in your news report. But then you told me that you did not have the event on camera. 
Will you be able to reply by noon today? If not, I will assume what seems apparent about your motives. 

On 27 July 2014 01:44, Denis Rancourt wrote: 
And how does this fit in? Your tweet: 
@AsoomiiJay hi Asoomi, I have physical exchange on camera. Maybe you missed that part? Would be happy to send u link to story once it's up. 

On 27 July 2014 01:27, Denis Rancourt wrote: 
Sorry Kamil, 
I see no allegation-even of "pushing and shoving" in the CBC videos. I see an allegation that a man "tugged" at the capes. This really does need clarification from you, if you could? 
You have accused a man in the public media of assault, described by you as "pushing and shoving". That man was visually identified by your camera. Yet, you have no evidence, and your own report talks about tugging on capes. This is rather serious. Will you be following up the police reports?

On 27 July 2014 01:13, Kamil Karamali wrote: 
I'm a journalist first and a cameraman second. I do more than just shoot. Some of the event was captured. You can watch at under videos. 

On Jul 27, 2014, at 1:05 AM, Denis Rancourt wrote: 
Hi Kamil, 
I really appreciate your answering me but one question remains: Did you film the event and if not why not? You are a professional camera man and you carried your camera in front of you, so I don't understand? I mean if the police had time to intervene and all, I would think that a CBC camara man would have time to get some of that on video? 
Please clarify. 

On 27 July 2014 00:59, Kamil Karamali wrote: 
Hi Denis, 
Thanks for your questions. 
If you go to my twitter feed, you'll see the tweet is still up. 
I am very much in awe of how well many of the ralliers handled the two pro-Israeli demonstrators. But what I saw happened before the majority of the ralliers saw the pro-Israeli people was one protestor grab both of them and pull at them very hard to the point where I was worried about them. The police apprehended him and stopped him from doing them anymore harm. 
I have been responding and defending myself to too many people on my time off, but it did happen and it was one small incident in a very peaceful protest. I articulated that properly in my story and brought a lot positivity about the event, and it's not right that that's the focus of everyone's attention. 
Thank you for your email! I do appreciate you reaching out. 

On Jul 27, 2014, at 12:52 AM, Denis Rancourt wrote: 
Hi Kamil, 
Thanks for clarifying by your direct twitter message to me that you are in my video with the dark blue shirt and camera. 
You tweeted 
"@denisrancourt Hi, yes that was towards end. When they first arrived, a man pulled them very roughly. I promise u, I wouldn't make that up." 
You seem to have deleted that tweet? I can no longer find it? 
Could you please clarify? 
Did you see the man do this? 
Did the police see the man do this? 
Did you film it -- you do have quite a camera setup, as we see in my video. 
Why did you not show any "pushing and shoving" in the video that you tweeted? 
Your allegations are harmful to the peaceful protester's efforts and to the organizers, so it would be good to know the evidence. 

There has been no further reply from Mr. Karamali.

The contrast between Mr. Kamali's tweets and his email statements is of some note: He has it on video, he will be happy to send link after posting, ... he doesn't have it, he did not film that part... (even though the camera is strapped to his body, as one can see in my video of him).

Unfortunately, the CBC is not subject to any access to information law, and the materials are sealed under freedom of the press, so there is no way for the public to know, even if it's a publicly funded corporation.

Here are my photos of the demo: LINK.

Here are videos of the demo:

I say trash the whole CBC, not keep just the parts that may suit the government. Social media is doing a much better job than this kind of professional work.

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Denis Rancourt said...

I have learned that the victim of this provocation was released from police custody without any charges. Nonetheless, the information I was given about the circumstances of his arrest is very disturbing. Luckily one of the key organizers was able to make positive contact with him after his release.