Sunday, October 19, 2014

Canada's CBC is adamant on being worthless -- Canada's war against the Syrian people

Canada is engaged in a new war in Syria and Iraq, in addition to its war in Afghanistan, and the CBC simply will not provide the Canadian public with any balanced reporting about facts on the ground, or any actual reporting. Just look at the retarded headlines being featured in this time of war: CBC-link.

The whole World can see what is immediately obvious to any objective reader of the verifiable evidence:

Yet, the CBC insists on being irrelevant and refuses to cover the most glaring facts on the ground.

At the very least, some anchor could say "Press TV reports that", and then spend some resources looking into it. Here is today's glaring example:

Good job CBC. All who work at the state corporation can be proud.

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Anonymous said...

According to Wikipedia, Press TV is owned and operated by the Iranian government. If that is true, is your issue that the Canadian state broadcaster is not citing or referring to the Iranian state broadcaster in its newscasts? How often does Press TV refer to or cite CBC as a source? One of the big issues with Press TV, aside from its political affiliation, is that many of its political/opinion stories rarely (if ever) seek competent or independent comment from the other side of an issue. If you ever watch their hosts, its as if the person being interviewed supplied them with leading questions. It may seem the same to you with CBC, but at least they seem to go through some motions of fact checking and at least acknowledging the other side's position in their stories. At the end of the day too, they don't run stories that are relevant to most Canadians. Al Jazeera seems much better in terms of their coverage and professionalism.