Sunday, December 20, 2015

The lie in Canada's Syrian refugee show

REGARDING CANADA'S SYRIAN REFUGEE POLICY, an aspect which is egregiously avoided and covered up is the geopolitical dimension and motives for receiving refugees preferentially from Syria (and other specific conflict areas).

The government is not doing this primarily to satisfy its international humanitarian obligations.

Syria under Assad is a target of vicious US-Canada-NATO-Israel aggression (both direct and by proxy) that will continue even if Syria survives for-now thanks to the Russian coalition. In this context, as always, the Syrian refugees in Canada will be used as instruments: as "witnesses" pressured by many spoken and unspoken means to be critical of Assad, to not be critical of NATO, to serve as media sources in the latter, to be spies and informants, to facilitate manipulations in Syria, etc.! This ugly dimension of refugee politics is simply not ever mentioned. 

Likewise, the PR message in the very act of receiving Syrian refugees is that we are saving the refugees from the crimes of our enemies, not from our own crimes. Otherwise our (Canada's) show of generosity would be both absurd and disingenuous..., which it is! Indeed, the government and media are remarkably silent about the 26,000 other refugees that arrive in Canada every year. 

The whole Syrian refugee media and political campaign is largely a manipulation made to advance the domestic and allied illusion of a benevolent Canada that is not participating in continuous war crimes of the US and Israel, and it's wonderful for the Liberal voter base. But the actual crimes cannot go unnoticed by the targets of those crimes, and by those of us who are paying attention. Disgusting.

--Denis Rancourt

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