Saturday, February 18, 2017

My today's list of Trump PROS AND CONS

I get a lot of heat for seeing positive signs in Trump. But I do. It's what I honestly see. I may be totally wrong. If his actual acts contradict the positive indicators after we have had time to see statistics, then I will certainly admit my error.

Why does Trump-hate have to be a religion that we all follow? (I reserve the emotions of love and hate for the people I know personally.)

I like Trump's consistent spoken messages about:

1. Wanting to get along with the emerging powers Russia and China. (link)
2. Wanting to move away from regime-change wars and globalist interventions (except to negotiate new deals to advantage the domestic economy). I like that he wants other countries to pay for NATO, because that will weaken NATO, etc.
3. Letting go of (accepting the resignation of) his anti-Iran maniac. (Trump keeps saying nonsense about Iran but hopefully reality will prevent an actual military intervention.)
4. Trashing of the CO2 nonsense and the drive for a carbon economy for the globalists. (link)
5. Constant and correct criticism of the corporate media.
6. Intention to economically and infrastructure enable the inner cities, to solve the social ills, he says. (However, this may well be just a scam...? link)
7. Disregard for political correctness. Much needed in the spiraling madness of "words that wound".
8. The fact that Washington DC hates him and all these insiders work against him.

I worry about:

a. His possible approach to Syria and Iran. But I think reality will prevent military escalation.
b. His treatment of Mexican immigration (and will it actually be worst than what Obama was doing? link).
c. What his dealings with Israel will actually be. (link)
d. His apparent lack of respect for international law! (torture, assassinations, whistle-blowers, economic sanctions, etc.) (and will it actually be worst than what Obama has done?)

But he has not actually done much yet. And good that his stupid blanket travel ban against 7 countries has been reversed by the courts.


Levantine said...

I get a lot of heat for seeing positive signs in Trump.

Really? Change company(its' membership structure) is maybe the right advice :)

I think that I should be 100% behind DJT. That's because I live in a world where the choice is either he, or the super-baddies.
But if I and Trump were the only two men on the planet, I ould have had many issues with him. Of all those issues, I think my foremost worry would have been this: he presents danger to ... spirituality.

I never use the word spirituality in daily life. I find it stupid. But, this time, it's fairly appropriate.
As an illustration of what I mean, look at the blog entry above. For probably the first time since you're a blogger, you write lists of pros and cons, like a bean-counter. Or like Benjamin Franklin, to make a less offensive comparison. It's all the same to my point, because Franklin was Scrooge-like. That's an effect of Trump.

DJT has many good sides, but ... he is so plain!

I recall a quote: "Look at him. He makes Adolf Hitler look like Leonardo Da Vinci"

In other words, DJ Trump is very focused on the concrete. That goes so far that even the word „concrete“ to him often means building material.
While that character trait is a good antidote to the widespread political bullshit, it is also likely to have adverse consequences.


You write:
I worry about:
b. His treatment of Mexican immigration (and will it actually be worst than what Obama was doing? link)

I opened the link and found not a single mention of anything Mexican, and only one passing mention of Obama's treatment of immigrants.

d. His apparent lack of respect for international law! (torture, assassinations, whistle-blowers, economic sanctions, etc.)

Those matters are the only Trump-thing that shocks me.
And they anger me.
But, as we (many of us) recognize what type of a person he generally is, we know that there is a lot of 'space' between those words and his consequent actions:

> He is a good listener and he is open-minded. Viz., how Jack Ma is pleased with the recent meeting with him. To my mind, that is very soothing.
> In his teams, he practices pluralism of different views, he just likes everyone around him to speak out.
> Has a huge experience, and it involves both big successes and big failures
> A fairly fast learner. When negative results come in, he can act quickly to correct himself.

On these points, people often refer to his book “The Art of the Deal“.
I'll additionally point to "Trump’s Unique Style Of Diplomacy!", a short youtube talk by Dick Morris.
Though I live on the opposite side of the planet, I can recognize what Morris describes from my own life experiences.

The above list can leave us very uneasy and alarmed. All of that stuff is so unsystematic, it relies a lot on happenstance! The risks involved are huge, and it is us who will pay! And we can hardly make ourselves “heard” by Trump!

All of that is true.

From that, I conclude that we are virtually in the role of spectators,

[powerless, but also with relatively little responsibility]

of a huge, planet-wide sociopolitical match ...

[very controversial who’s which side: as in good thrillers ....]

... that’s super-exciting.

Since these are gravely serious matters, I choose to approach them ethically. I’m thinking of, say, what Albert Schweitzer would have said, and conclude that we have an ethical duty to enjoy our role (of spectators) as much as possible

'Bring the popcorn,' if you will.

Boredom is the root of all evil - the despairing refusal to be oneself. - wrote Kierkegaard. Thanks Trump for eliminating the root of all evil.

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