Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Beware White or Green Helmets

Too much spontaneous self-sacrifice in the service of war mongers

By Denis G. Rancourt, PhD

A powerful new propaganda model has emerged.

A Western globalist NGO scheme on steroids, with Hollywood Academy and humanitarian awards glitter... has been deployed in the latest covert regime-change operations, on two continents.

The new model is funded and embedded "white / green helmets" that masquerade as pure spontaneous expression of humanitarian goodness in a covert war of aggression, while operating solely on the USA-supported side of the aggression, such as in Syria (link) and now in Venezuela (link).

Fabricated domestic civil society heroism is the latest social-media-age propaganda instrument in the fake-news arsenal of USA maintenance operations.

You have been alerted. Get your fix from YouTube puppies and kittens but don't fall for the selfless helmets.

Same-day UPDATE: Just learned. White Helmet model going viral. They are now also in Indonesia: "White Helmets Indonesia" (link to their propaganda site). A model that works. You won't see them at aboriginal-rights protests or police-violence incidents in the USA.

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Big man said...

These helmets are tillersons boys courtesy of usa.