Friday, April 27, 2018

Kim and Moon KOREA

Why renewed peace now, after decades?

Here is my tentative answer:

  1. USA global hegemony is visibly eroding. Nations have less and less incentive to be oppressed servants of USA domination. The new multi-polar world (with an emerging Eurasia, etc.) has many more advantages than servitude to USA human and natural resource extraction, including stability, security and peace.
  2. Kim has the needed background of safety, thanks to his now hydrogen bomb and intercontinental missile capabilities.
  3. Distributed media technology (social media, etc.) makes it impossible for the USA to create a flawless web of war propaganda. Populations are more and more informed about reality, rather than simply manipulated. (That is why there is a top-down "fake news" frenzy.)
  4. Trump, with all his flaws and qualities, is the man of the hour in the USA: the common-sense player that wants to maneuver and manage hegemonic-come-down (America First) rather than try to impose hegemony with ever more violent wars.
  5. Russia and China have developed massive advanced military defence capabilities, and technologies that can be exported to their allies. They could survive a USA first-strike attempt and therefore cannot be intimidated. They can choose their battles, such as in Syria. Russia has decided to frustrate the USA model of nation destruction (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria...) Next even Gaza and Yemen and Africa... will be healed.

I think the USA propaganda that is unfolding corroborates my analysis:

The USA needs an out without losing face and Moon is happy to help in that regard. The USA makes the world go round. Right?

Denis Rancourt, PhD

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