Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BREAKING NEWS::: Activist Teacher is Climate Guy

Activist Teacher is Climate Guy.

See attempt by George Marshall, Director of Projects, Climate Outreach Information Network, to censor Climate Guy HERE, with video by Marshall explaining his appeal-to-emotions-tactics in promoting the global warming agenda.

Read the recent radical (to the root) essay that prompted this second wave of media scrutiny of Climate Guy HERE.

One result of the ClimateDepot.com video has been to generate a mess-load of ruffled feathers among left bloggers and commentators.

Will the Left please wake up?

It's not about opinion politics. It's about not being scammed. It's not about education. It's about independent thinking. It's not about peer-review. It's about the class politics of science. It's not about being oppressed fairly. It's about liberation.

You can't control a monster by asking it not to shit as much... or by proposing to buy its shit.

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