Saturday, April 23, 2011

Crap on Canada election 2011

I haven't said anything yet about Canada's federal election. Here goes.

If THIS NDP surge is true then that is great for two reasons.

First, it would wipe Iggy off the map. I dislike that Harvard man. Disgusting US-minded elite. A service intellectual who once argued that torture was a necessary evil via its "security" benefits and who now wants to save Canadian values...?!

His education plan is to bribe all high students and their parents into huge financial debts for overpriced and useless university degrees. Can you tell that the financiers are behind the man's campaign?

Harper and Ignatieff are by far the two most Zionist leaders in the race, both dedicated to supporting the Israel war-criminal state at all costs and both committed to geopolitical waring. It would be good if at least one of them completely crashed.

Second, it would give more power and leverage to Layton who is most apt to look for coalition governance, including with Quebec.

Coalition is this strange concept where representatives of the majority of Canadians get together and govern by being forced to get along and find the best compromises and solutions. Other countries call it democracy.

Harper now calls it "anti-democratic" and Ignatieff is against it.

Two damn good reasons to vote NDP.


Anonymous said...

Anarchists don't vote. There's a thing called "direct democracy".

The only legitimate vote is for menial tasks that need to be done and someone has to do them.

It is never legitimate to vote to have someone else to make decisions about your life.

Political election voting can never be justifiable. Any attempts to justify political elections and voting is to support and strengthen the oppressive hierarchical infrastructure. To vote in a political election is to be a service intellectual - you are playing by the rules and participating in the system that is imposed on you.

Gradual change is not progress. Democracy happens with your own two hands and it happens now, always now.

Anonymous said...

Pretty hateful stuff.

By the heading "Crap on Canada election 2011", it'd be safe to say the author is not a patriot then.

I'd say that'd be a good reason to not vote NDP.



Robin Lakusta said...

One day about 25 years ago, I remember doing a diagram for my grade 9 students showing how capitalism grows like cancer and a flash of enlightenment.mYes it grew, but it created jobs. jobs which produced products and services that people wanted more importantly needed.

Now as a free enterpriser I rid people of pain. not in the socialized NDP world of state medicine but where they must pay for their cures - Sciatic pain costs 19.95 a bottle lasts a year.

And I sell a lot of bottles. The only thing that the NDP support are more of the same failed policies, where government has become the cancer.

We really have an election because Quebec City wants the Conservatives to pay for an Arena.

Here is another thing to think about as you vote NDP my Advocate Teacher, why did Jack Layton live in Social Housing under his mother-in-laws name for years and years while a coucillor for Toronto? Why did he go to the US for a prostate?