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July 9, 2010 - 11:32am


The word "pig(s)" used to describe the police is no longer allowed in thread titles.

The reason is that the use of the word conflicts with rabble's editorial policy and anti-oppression mandate.

The word "pig(s)" to describe the police will be allowed in the body of threads themselves.

I've change the titles in the following threads:

" is more than an online, progressive news site. People come for the news and stay for the community. Check it out, and enjoy."

"Political correctness is an offshoot of pathological conflict avoidance, a desire to isolate oneself from any risk of (verbal) conflict via mental environment oversight rather than a commitment to participatory cultural transformation."
--Denis G. Rancourt
--in On the racism and pathology of left progressive First-World activism

Allow me to develop a little more: Disallowing the word "pig(s)" in describing cops as agents of repressive state power, a perfectly good word with a rich cultural history, protects the cops and harms the oppressed. This is done in the name of an "anti-oppression mandate" in a classic pathology that Ward Churchill called "pacifism as pathology" when he argued that this pathology of left progressive activists was deeply racist. See LINK. Wake up left progressive activists of good will. Censorship is censorship. Pathology is blindness.

ADDENDUM (August 9, 2010):

"It is no exaggeration to say that the hopes for a decent world rest substantially on the success of the kind of work that rabble has been carrying out with such distinction."
--Noam Chomsky (The Dominion, Summer 2010, no.68, p.31)

Critique of Chomsky's position: HERE.

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the word pig to describe pieces of shit cops can be degrading to all the honest and delicious, if you are meat eater, four legged pigs out there
I mean those poor pig are intelligent being and are degraded by being linked to nasty evil doing police officers